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5 Best Practical Gifts for Cat Owners (and more for their Cats) for Christmas 2021

The Holiday Season can be exhausting. Everyone’s expecting their loved ones to buy them something nice, or at least something useful.

It’s hard enough to shop for individual friends and family. But some of them expect you to buy presents for their pets, too! Well, worry not.

This guide is full of everything you need to make Christmas 2021 one for the books, whether you’re gifting a human or feline friend.

5 Best Gifts for Cat Owners

Buying presents for a cat parent is more than just collecting a few cat treats and kitten-themed T-shirts.

It’s supporting their everyday life while incorporating something they genuinely care about, such as their fur-baby. That’s why these gifts are so perfect - they help your loved ones express their love for their favorite things and are highly practical.

Here are a few ideas for single presents and gift sets that can make your cat-loving friend’s 2021 Christmas the best they’ve ever had.

1. Greenify your friend’s place with cat-friendly houseplants

Houseplants are surging in popularity right now. You see them all over Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, in the millions of photos of potted plants in boho living rooms flooding your timeline.

This is understandable since so many people spent more time indoors than ever before during the last year (and counting, for some).

Whether your loved one is one of the many that adopted houseplants to liven up their home interior, there are plenty of benefits to reap from household foliage.

For instance, Healthline states that some of the primary benefits of growing plants indoors include:

  • Makes you feel comfortable and calm at home by reducing your physiological and psychological stress
  • May help to increase your attentiveness, creativity, and productivity (an excellent addition to your loved one’s home office!)
  • Can be a supplemental source of horticultural therapy, helping fight feelings resulting from depression and anxiety

Still, this doesn’t mean that you can just go buying plants all willy-nilly. Show your loved one that you care about their cat’s well-being too by offering cat-friendly plants only.

Fortunately, some of the hottest houseplants of today are safe for your loved ones’ feline pals, like the American rubber plant and the friendship plant (a popular choice to gift friends, of course).

All this considered, houseplants are an excellent, budget-friendly, cat-safe choice for a Christmas present this year.

2. Snazz up interior decor with a dual-purpose litter box

One of the least glamorous parts of owning a cat is maintaining the litter box.

It’s easy to underestimate just how tedious it is to maintain this household essential for new cat owners and those without pets. After all, it’s basically just a box of dirt, right? Eh, not really.

Keeping a cat’s litter box clean means choosing a suitable litter and container, and sticking with consistent cleaning.

Further, many cat owners prefer enclosed litter boxes since they’re easier to maintain. They don’t have to worry about their cats spraying onto the wall, ensuring the potty area stays contained. However, your friend probably doesn’t want to have a giant potty box in their living room. So, help them disguise this cat owner household essential with dual-purpose interior decor.

Catzio’s extra-large cat washroom bench and litter box combo is the perfect addition to your friend’s home office, living room, or even laundry room. It’s fully enclosed, ensuring that any unwanted odors stay inside.

Plus, this multipurpose litter box in disguise is perfect for minimalists. It’s got two separate compartments for storing the litter pan and extra cat care essentials, all the while functioning as a coffee or end table simultaneously.

The panel’s removable, so the layout can be adjusted as needed with little to no hassle.

As great as this gift is, be mindful of who you give it to. Make sure that your friend’s cat can handle climbing into and out of this litter box; otherwise, you might increase their fur-baby’s risk of injury or worsen existing potty behavior problems.

3. Gift a special T-shirt and wine-holder set

Got a wine-lover with a cat in your life? This gift set idea is perfect for them.

Don’t settle for a mere bottle of cheap grocery store wine. Go all out and put an entire gift set together that shouts, “I love you!”

Catzio’s got everything you need to put together the perfect collection of presents for a cat-and-wine lover:

  • Cat Metal Wine Holder: This adorable wine holder is an excellent addition to almost any kitchen, whether your loved one keeps a boho home interior or a country farmhouse. It measures 4.6” x 4.3” x 13” and snugly holds one bottle of wine. (So, feel free to include a nice drink with your gift set!)
  • Cat & Wine-Themed T-Shirts
    • Cat Mother, Wine Lover:” Include this super cute graphic tee in your friend’s presents this year to round out their cat-themed gift set. It comes in seven distinct sizes and a variety of colors, so you don’t have to worry about not finding the right fit!
    • It’s not drinking alone if your cat is home:” This graphic tee is sure to get a giggle from your friend. Add it to the gift set in place of, or in addition to, the shirt above for a well-rounded holiday present that suits your loved one’s interests just right.

Now, with these kinds of gift sets, you might wonder: What’s the use of buying decorations and cat-themed clothes? Such questions are valid, especially since many people want to make sure that any gifts they give are practical.

Well, it turns out that even interior decor and T-shirts are important to the quality of life. So, they’re more practical than you realize!

For instance, Apartment Therapy says, “There are many different elements that go into the experience of a space, and they can all have a significant impact on the way that we relate to our surroundings.”

Since sight, reasoning, and imagination are some of the many ways humans interact with their environment, incorporating objects that reflect one’s interests in the home can create a nurturing, stimulating residence.

Additionally, fashion professionals often talk about “how powerful clothes are,” as they play a critical role in communicating who a person is. Plus, on a more personal level, dressing according to your personality can help improve confidence and self-empowerment.

All this said, this gift set is perfect for helping your loved one stay in high spirits, whether they’re at home enjoying a glass of wine and kitty cuddles or when out-and-about with a cute T. Talk about practicality!

4. Support your loved one’s WFH hustle with a cat-themed office set

The year 2020 turned countless people’s lives upside down. Not only in a personal sense, but professionally, too.

As the year went on, millions of people were suddenly expected to work remotely from home. Now, it’s become the norm - and to many people’s pleasure!

At the end of 2020, the Pew Research Center surveyed 10,332 U.S. adults (including 5,858 employed adults with one or multiple jobs) and found that a whopping 71 percent of people were working from home. Most of them (totaling 54 percent of those surveyed), preferred to stay in the home office after the outbreak ended.

Plus, recent statistics suggest that the home work environment just might be here to stay. In May 2021, a Mercer study showed that 70 percent of companies planned to implement a hybrid office and work-from-home (WFH) model. Additionally, 66 percent of employers worldwide are following suit.

All this considered, the home office is becoming the new standard. So, help your loved one deck out their personal workspace by gifting them with cat-themed office essentials! Why?

Home office decor is crucial to mental health. As experts from The University of Texas at Austin say, “home environments are very important to people, meeting both their practical and psychological needs.”

Psychology graduate student at the school’s College of Liberal Arts, told UT, “We know from our work that people express aspects of themselves and their personalities in the environments they inhabit whether that’s in physical spaces like your home and office, or virtual spaces like your Facebook profile or online gaming environments.”

You can help your loved one enrich their new WFH life and express themselves in their home office with these Catzio gifts:

Cat-themed mouse pad w/ wrist support

Ergonomics are critical to maintaining physical health and safety in the workplace. Yes, even in an office!

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration advises workers to “use a wrist rest to maintain straight wrist postures and to minimize contact stress during typing and mousing tasks.”

Gifting your friend one that reflects their love of cats can make this mouse that much better as an office essential.

Self-adhesive cat hooks

No one wants all their stuff scattered on the office floor. Your friend needs some sort of organization system, whether that’s a set of small cubbies or minimalistic wall hooks.

These cat-shaped hooks are perfect for storing lightweight office items, such as keys and sweaters. An excellent addition to any home office!

Cat paw keycap for keyboards

You know that decorating your home to represent your interests is important for your mental health.

This includes everything from the walls to the home office keyboard. Your friend could do with the same perks. That’s why these cat paw keycaps would be a great addition to their remote workspace.

3 black cat wall sticker

Okay, so this isn’t restricted to the office, but it’d certainly liven up your friend’s remote workplace.

Not everyone who works from home owns their property. This means that some remote workers don’t have as much freedom or flexibility in their interior design choices as others. So, they have to settle for decor that’s either temporary or easily covered up.

That said, Catzio’s wall sticker featuring three black cats is perfect for the remote worker who wants to settle into their home office without leaving any permanent marks.

5. Cat-themed pajama set for Christmas Eve

Family traditions are all too common during the Holiday Season. For instance, many families and couples love buying matching pajama sets to wear either on Christmas Eve, Christmas, Day, or even New Year’s Eve.

Hilariously, The Washington Post declared last December to be “our pajama moment,” due to the sudden surge in public interest in pajamas, what reporter Karen Heller coined “our 2020 WFH uniform.”

Heller illustrated the pajama boom with the example of Eberjey sleepwear. The company had seen an increase in sales after Oprah declared one of their units her favorite and was seen wearing the brand. Yet, nothing boosted the company like last year’s “housebound” nation.

During the nationwide shift toward the WFH lifestyle, Eberjey’s sales spiked more than 300 percent in the 2020 fourth quarter over the prior year.

With that in mind, there’s no doubt that pajamas are in!

So, your favorite cat lover is bound to appreciate this Catzio cat-themed sleepwear set. The “meow” warm pajamas are an excellent holiday gift for cat lovers. The shorts and breathable material are great for keeping cool, but the material is fuzzy enough to prevent the wearer from getting too chilly.

Plus, the cute-yet-subtle cat ears and “meow” with whiskers design are ideal even for adults that prefer to keep their pajamas lowkey.

P.S. Throw in a pair of comfy cat-themed slippers to complete the set for good measure!

Bonus gift idea: Support your friend with essentials tools for a responsible cat parent

While it may not be a good idea to gift someone an actual cat for the holidays, it’s incredibly thoughtful to help them prepare for cat ownership by offering some functional knowledge.

This can apply to all sorts of things, such as day-to-day cat ownership to big-picture concepts, such as the ethics of common cat rescue practices like trap-neuter-return.

You could put together a small digital encyclopedia of must-know cat ownership tips (or print them for loved ones without internet access!) in addition to the cat gifts below to support their experience living with a cat.

Some must-have cat information sources include:

What should you buy a cat for Christmas?

Cats love Christmas presents, too! People often default to getting their human friends gifts for the holidays, but people often forget that cats like being pampered, now and then, just as much as their two-legged pals.

Now, a cat might not be as picky about its presents as a person would be. Still, some items are better than others when it comes to shopping for a feline friend. Here are a few ideas that your cat (or your friend’s cat) will absolutely love.

Object play enrichment set

Playtime is crucial to an animal’s health, especially when it spends most of its time indoors.

Meghan E. Herron, DVM, DACVB and C.A. Tony Buffington, DVM, Ph.D., DACVN assert that indoor enrichment is one of the most critical parts of responsible cat ownership, as it helps ensure “good health and welfare” by allowing cats to express instinctual behaviors, such as scratching and chewing.

Without such outlets, they’re prone to developing health and behavior problems. Unfortunately, this is why so many cat owners find themselves complaining about instinctual cat habits, such as scratching, biting or pouncing, or even spraying.

The former two behavioral challenges are a direct result of your cat’s instinctual drive to hunt prey. Because many people feed their domestic cats in a way that doesn’t encourage foraging, stalking, or other hunting-related behaviors, these pets will often find another way to express this evolutionary need.

Herron and Buffington write,

“Failure to provide opportunities for predatory behavior may deprive cats of mental and physical activity, which may contribute to development of obesity and other health problems.”

To defend against these potential health and wellness problems, veterinary experts suggest that cat owners incorporate object play into their care routine. This presents the perfect avenue for your kitty to release any pent-up energy that can only be satiated with the occasional pounce and chase.

Some of the best Catzio toys you can use to curb your cat’s need to hunt include:

  • 360 turnable chasing toy for cats: Wand toys are some of the best items you can use for feline enrichment. These are perfect for chasing and pouncing, and as a bonus, you don’t even have to do any work! Just power it on and watch your kitty zoom around the room.
  • Flipper fish for cats: This one’s always a hit with cats, adults and kittens alike. This autonomous flipper fish acts just like a real animal out of water, allowing your cat to express its deepest evolutionary impulses safely indoors.
  • Interactive LED self-rotating ball: This automatic self-rolling ball is an excellent choice for high-energy kitties. It’s the perfect plaything for chasing and running, even if you’re busy with work or away.

The “catnip special” cat toy set

Whether your cat’s high-energy or just deserves something sweet for the holidays, catnip is always a good gift for feline friends.

But what’s the appeal?

Humans have treated domestic cats with catnip for generations. Specifically, cats are attracted to a chemical compound known as “nepetalactone.” This makes up 70-99 percent of catnip’s essential oil, and boy, do the kitties love it.

Although they interact with catnip in many ways, such as licking, sniffing, and chewing, cats can even experience its benefits when it’s in the air. It’s that potent!

Most cats (and their humans) love catnip because of the behavioral effects it causes. In fact, some people once believed that it was an aphrodisiac for cats since their actions after exposure mimic those of a cat in estrous (e.g., head shaking and rolling).

Yet, that was disproven after researchers confirmed that the cat’s response to catnip is entirely independent of the sexual reproductive organs. Aside from that, many cats have even been observed to make spontaneous noises as if they’re completely out of it.

Generally, though, experts say that the main effects of catnip are its tendency to cause “cats to have an uptick in activity,” as caffeine would give you a burst of energy, and psychological effects.

Concerning the latter, Dr. Lori Teller, clinical associate professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, says, “Catnip has a psychoactive effect, meaning that it can make cats high for about 15-30 minutes after exposure.”

All this considered, most kitties are bound to love a catnip gift set with any of Catzio’s most widely loved toys, including:

  • Cactus catnip cat toy: Available in several cactus shapes and colors, this catnip toy is tough enough to endure gentle play activities from fetch to head-rubbing.
  • Cat body pillow plush with catnip: Cats love to snuggle, too! But you might not always be available. So, the next best thing is a body pillow for kitties. Keep your kitty warm and cozy while you’re away, with a little catnip treat as a bonus.
  • Natural catnip stick for cleaning teeth: Young kittens are prone to biting and nibbling. It’s tough to break the habit, especially when you don’t give them something else to chew on. These chew sticks will help curb that bad habit while offering a treat that your cat will go crazy for.

Still, although many cats love catnip, not all of them will respond to it. (Only the ones with a dominant gene can fully enjoy it.) So, it’s best to try out the plant itself and note your cat’s reaction to that before you commit to a full set of catnip toys.

“Scratch that itch” cat claw maintenance toy set

Everyone knows it: Cats shred everything. Without proper training or a suitable outlet, a cat will rip up furniture, shred clothing, and everything in-between quite readily. This is because scratching is a deeply-rooted evolutionary instinct in cats.

Although it may seem like your kitty’s scratching up your things to get revenge, in reality, the motivation is often a lot simpler. Cats scratch for numerous reasons, one of the primary ones being territorial issues.

Scratching allows cats to deposit their scent from special glands in their paws, which essentially functions as a “mine” label on the things they claw. This is why some multi-cat households have lots of problems with scratching, as each cat is trying to carve out its own designated space in the home.

Unfortunately, many cat owners have a massive problem with destructive scratching habits. In some cases, it gets so bad that the person might consider having their cat declawed to eliminate the issue.

But that’s the wrong answer!

Declawing can lead to some pretty serious health hazards, such as intense pain, reopening of the wound, and even hemorrhaging. You can help make things easier on yourself or your loved one by getting the scratchy cat something to focus its habits on.

Catzio’s got just what you need to maintain those claws:

  • Cat multifunctional scratchboard: This scratch will do more than redirect your cat’s bad scratching habits. It’s equipped with a fun whack-a-mole game and wand toy to keep your kitty thoroughly entertained (and save your furniture all the while).
  • Cactus cat tree: Your cat’s scratching post doesn’t have to be a big, clunky piece of wood in your living room. Get something that fits nicely in your or your loved one’s interior decor while deterring unwanted scratching at the same time. This cactus cat tree is a perfect home essential for scratchy kitties (and makes the perfect companion gift for the catnip cactus toys!).

Thoughtful gifts for cat lovers this Christmas

Shopping for loved ones during the holidays is always challenging. There are so many things to choose from for your human friends, and that’s hard enough. But sometimes, you may even be tempted to (or outright asked to) buy something for a four-legged friend. Why not get something for them both?

It’s easy to get lost in all the options you have for Christmas shopping when perusing through items for pet owners, especially those with cats. Hopefully, this list eases that burden a bit.

Besides, not every gift you give to your cat-owning loved ones needs to be material. Sometimes, the best gifts are made of time.

If you notice your friend or relative is struggling to keep up with their cat or other personal responsibilities lately, offer to pet-sit or assist in other ways. Whether you do this or offer a physical gift, they’re sure to appreciate you forever.

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