78 Cat Tarot Pack

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Sometimes, you need a bit of metaphysical guidance to face life head-on. 

One of the best ways to get this is by consulting oracular card readings with a tarot deck. 

Personal growth influencer, Aileen Xu of Lavendaire, says, “[Y]ou want to pick a deck that you’re drawn to, and don’t overthink it.” 

So, of course, when you’re ready to connect to your inner self like never before, you’ll need a tarot deck full of cat art! 

Use Aileen’s tips to ensure your first reading goes smoothly: 

  • Center yourself. Relax and clear your mind, perhaps by breathing exercises or meditating. Set an intention for your reading, or, in other words, establish a goal, such as loving yourself unconditionally. 
  • Shuffle your cards. Mix it up as you would any other card deck! 
  • Pick one or more cards. Doing a simple one-card spread is a quick and easy way to prepare your mind for the upcoming day. 
  • Historic tarot cards were hand-painted, every stroke imbued with the divine energy. Today, despite mass production, decks such as this Cat Tarot Pack still retain the deeply personal touch a diviner needs to relay crucial insights to their querent. 

    This pack has everything you need, including: 

    • A guideback 
    • 78 durable cat-themed tarot cards 
    • Funny, yet accurate readings 

    Celebrate your love for felines and tap into your divine intuition with this kitty-centric tarot pack.