Unique Cat Claw Sponge

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Let's face it: Swapping out sponges over and over again is such a chore (pun intended), especially when you shop for the same ugly blue or green color every other week. 

Plus, you’re not alone. Many people forget to replace their kitchen essentials as needed, often waiting for it to start smelling like mildew. (By then, you've waited too long to swap it out!) 

This charming kitty toe bean sponge will help you knock out one of the three crucial tasks needed to maintain every sponge you own: 

  • Wring it out 
  • Sanitize it regularly 
    1. Replace it at least every 2 weeks (you can check this off after you buy, by the way) 

    These cat-themed sponges will remind you of those precious little toe beans every time you dunk them in a sink full of soapy water. 

    Each sponge is available in a unique design, so that every one of your new cat-themed kitchen items celebrates the various hues of cat hair, from rich oranges to deep black shades. 

    These foam sponges boast a durable design that ensures they'll withstand multiple washes, effectively removing stain and grease all the while. 

    The pack comes with: 

    • Set of 3 sponges 
    • 1 cleaning brush 

    You can keep multiple dishes clean, whether they're easily scrubbed plates or deep glasses. 

    Keep your dishes spick and span with these uber cute cat claw sponges and complete your cat kitchen theme for a personalized washing space.