360 Turnable Chasing Toy for Cats

$19.99 Regular price $35.00

Too busy to play with your high-energy kitty? 

This automatic chase toy will keep your fur-baby entertained when you’re tight on time. 

Toys are more important to your cat’s health than you might think. Providing the perfect playthings allows kittens and adults alike to engage their hunting instinct, keeping them out of trouble and supporting strong behavioral development. 

With this autonomous chase toy, you can: 

  • Redirect anxious energy to curb behavioral problems like biting and pouncing 
  • Get to know your cat’s behavioral quirks better (for instance, observing your cat during play allows you to familiarize yourself with signs of overexcitement, resulting in better, more informed training for rambunctious kitties) 
  • Help your cat exercise more often 

What are you waiting for? Your kitty’s clawing at the curtains right now! 

Get your 360 Turnable Chase Toy now to keep energetic cats healthily stimulated.