"A Little Black Cat" Cat Printed Graphic Tee

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As a cat lover, you know that superstitions villainizing innocent kitties aren’t cool. 

Sadly, misconceptions about black cats cause them to be the least adopted cat in animal shelters, according to The Telescope

This means they’re often left to sad endings without a Forever Home, leading 71 percent of black cats to be euthanized in shelters. 

It’s time to appreciate black cats for what they really are: Cute little shadow furballs that deserve all the love in the world. 

“Black cats do not cause bad luck, they are not signs of the devil and they most certainly do not deserve to be greeted with derision by humans. In reality, the more you love your black cat, or any cat, the greater the health benefits are to you.” 

  • Ginny A. Roth, The Truth About Black Cats (Source)

Show the world just how wrong they are about these kitties. Get yourself “A Little Black Cat” graphic tee and wear your cat lover’s pride loud and proud!