Long-Sleeved Pullover Hoodie to Hold Cat


A Cat Pouch Hoodie is the Purrrfect Gift

A cat pouch hoodie that holds your furry friend! Yes, you read that right.

You know that hoodie you love, the one with the pouch in the front to hold your phone? Well now you can hold your cat (or a small dog)! The hoodie comes in four colors - black, dark grey, pink and red. It has an opening on each side of the hood so your cat can comfortably move. This is perfect for those who travel or have anxiety about being separated from their pet.

The Long-Sleeved Pullover Hoodie to Hold Cat is the best way to velcro your cat to your body, so you never have to worry about leaving them behind again. Many owners don't want their kitties to roam free because they might get lost or stolen by people who are crazy enough to enjoy the company of strange felines. And most places don't allow your pet inside, so unless you want your little buddy trapped in the car all day just for going out for groceries, this is a perfect solution. This is also the perfect way to bond with your fur baby while just hanging out at home and watching videos about cats.

The only thing missing is a pocket for kitty litter because this hoodie really does everything else!

Product Description

  • High-quality Cat Pouch
  • Cat hoodie is perfect for travel/separation anxiety
  • Thick fabric for colder climates
  • Easy cleaning cat hoodie
  • Keeps your fur baby close
  • Cat pouch hoodie to hold your cat, keep them close, and stay hands free
  • Design features cute paw prints
  • Machine washable liner

Hoodies are convenient for many things. The hoodie that carries a cat is just one more hoodie that does something right, especially for a cat lover like you. These hoodies are made to make sure cats stay warm with thick material. With all the pockets in this cat pouch hoodie, this hoodie really does it all!

Cat lovers will love this cat pouch hoodie - especially the adorable cat ears! Made with thick material to keep your small cat warm, they can move around and still feel safe with the hoodie securely on your body. The hoodie is made so you can be hands free and carry your pet close wherever you go. No one likes being away from their pet for too long. With this cat hoodie, now you don't have to! The best cat pouch hoodies are made out of thicker material than normal hoodies, and this one is no different. It'll hold your small pets tight as you run errands or just hangout at the house all day watching TV marathon style. A cat pouch hoodie is an easy way to ensure that anyone who has separation anxiety doesn't have to worry - their kitty can be with them at all times in a soft, comfy cat pouch designed just for them.

And while its details make it ideal for cats, other small pets like dogs (up to 14 pounds or so) and even rabbits can enjoy it, too. “I was still a little worried that it was going to be cheap and poor quality — it absolutely is not,” one owner wrote. “I have a five pound Yorkie who fits in it perfectly. It is so adorable [and] it fits perfectly — I can’t say enough good things about this sweatshirt.”

This cat pouch hoodie isn't the only item we carry for cats and their humans. Shop Catzio for more quality apparel that you'll love!